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MARIA TEGLAS  CYT-500, Certified iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher, Certified Mudra/Hand Yoga Teacher

The versatile set of tools the system of yoga has to offer for physical, mental/emotional as well as spiritual health have supported my life for over 20 years. It is wonderful to look back on this journey of two decades and feel deep gratitude not only to those who facilitated this journey but to myself also for taking ownership of and staying a curious and devoted caretaker of my own wellbeing. Why would I want to do that? The answer is simple: because there is so much beautiful work to be done here on Earth while I am here. And I can only tend to that if I cultivate a deep and loving relationship with myself.

As an immigrant from Hungary, the mother of five sons, and one who was there for herself on every step of her healing journey from a bout of postpartum depression and an anxiety disorder (OCD) after the birth of my third son, my life is a testimony to the healing power of yogic practices and the wisdom teachings of yoga.

Taking care of your health and well-being is a DAILY and LIFE-LONG commitment in which simple practices such as breathing, mudras and meditation play a vital role. Why? Because they can be practiced in every single moment of your life. Wherever you are, your breath is there, your hands are available, as is your capacity to be aware of what is arising within you at any given moment. Take your own breathing as an example: the average person takes over 18,000 breaths per day. This simple fact makes breathing a powerful intervention when you begin to use your breath to improve your health and wellbeing. How about unlocking the healing power in your hands and fingers using ancient healing hand gestures? Mudras such as Mudra for Protecting your Health, Mudra for Calming your Mind, Mudra for Patience, Mudra for Facing Fear, Mudra for Tranquilizing the Mind (and many many more...) could support you in becoming your own creative, resourceful, committed and loving caretaker.

We already have everything within us to survive and thrive on our human journey. We are born whole and complete  and our wholeness does not change throughout our life, only our experiences do. It is this birthright of wholeness, built-in tools,  inherent wisdom and knowledge that I invite you to explore, reclaim and apply to support your own health, healing, well-being, and vitality like I do.

Try my offerings if you want to learn simple yet potent tools to deal with stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain or general malaise and a lack of vitality.
In addition to a slow and mindful Hatha yoga practice on Zoom, I also offer classes/workshops in the practice of Mudras/Hand Yoga (ancient healing hand gestures), iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation, and the Practice of Pranayama (Breathing Practices).

Originally a teacher from Hungary with a Master's degree in teaching English and Russian Languages, I came to Canada more than twenty years ago to be with my Canadian husband whom I met while we were both studying in Russia. Building our life together and fueled by a shared adventurous spirit, we spent almost a decade living in the Canadian Arctic. Of all places, it was in the Arctic that I took my first yoga class on a large towel, in place of a yoga mat, on the linoleum floor of Arctic College. My practice started out in a most simple way and to this day I value simplicity: show up each day and make your practice relevant to YOUR life so it can support your ever-changing needs and circumstances and it can support you in tending to what you need to tend to in life.

Throughout my many years of study, practice and teaching yoga and meditation, my passion has been yoga for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. I have taught in various settings and to various groups: seniors, children, veterans, people with disabilities. Fueled by deep curiosity and the desire to equip myself with the transformative tools of this ancient practice - both for myself and my students, I have attended numerous trainings and workshops pertaining to mental and emotional health. Some are as follows: Life Force Yoga® for Managing Moods with Amy Weintraub, Yoga for Emotional Balance with Bo Forbes, Yoga for Depression Teacher Training, Yoga for Anxiety Workshop, and Yoga for Chronic Stress Workshop through Esther Myers Yoga Studio. In addition to completing a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program at the Lotus centre (London, ON), I have also completed the 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at the Soul of Yoga Institute (Encinitas, California) where I further immersed myself in the application of yogic tools for health, healing and resilience . I also hold certificates in Yoga for Kids and Families, Restorative Yoga and Prenatal Yoga.

I am also a Certified iRest® Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher and received my certificate from the Integrative Restoration Institute. iRest is an ancient healing practice supported by clinical research. It is a body-centered guided meditation for self-regulation and self-care that focuses on physical, psychological and spiritual health. It is a form of meditative self-inquiry that research shows effectively reduces PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and chemical dependency; while increasing health, resiliency and well-being.

My curiosity also led me to explore the practice of Mudras (ancient healing hand gestures). I studied the practice of Mudras, their therapeutic applications and the practice of Mudras with Crystals with Sabrina Mesko PhD. I am a devoted practitioner of these healing hand gestures and also a Certified Mudra/Hand Yoga Teacher.

One last thing:
I deeply value the gift of a SMILE because 'A kind face is a precious gift.'